When you first see the Swift you’ll love the sleek, distinctive design — and when you step inside and start the engine you’ll really love the feeling. The Swift is for people with a passion for driving,
an eye for detail and who aren’t afraid to make their mark on the city.


From the bold chrome accented grille to the crafted polished alloys, this is a car that demands attention. Muscular body lines give the Swift a powerful presence, and details like the floating roof with pillar mounted rear door handles make this car really stand out.


When you sit behind the wheel you’ll see the clean, elegant lines and attention to detail that give a more comfortable and efficient driving experience. The cylindrical gauges, cockpit-like centre console and sporty D-shaped steering wheel give a feeling of confidence before you even start the engine.

Front cup holder
Passenger-seatback pocket
Front-door pocket
Rear cup holder
Glove box
Rear-door bottle holder
USB port and ACC socket and Console box tray
Automatic air conditioner
AM/FM radio and CD player
Cruise control


Quick and expansive acceleration. Cornering performance that lets you keep to your intended course. The Swift has been reborn with attention paid to every detail of its powertrain and platform for the further evolution of driving that lets the driver feel at one with the car and be in full control. Especially because the powertrain and platform are irreplaceable parts of the driving experience, advanced technologies have been adopted without reserve, even in places beyond the view of the driver.

1.2 petrol engine

4.8 m turning radius

ABS with EBD for supporting driver braking

ABS is a system that detects the rotation of each wheel through the use of sensors attached to the four wheels and automatically and optimally controls braking force. It prevents the tires from locking, which can easily occur in sudden braking or on slippery surfaces, and heightens the driver’s ability to avoid obstacles through the steering. Furthermore, EBD (electronic braking-force distribution) optimally distributes front and rear braking force to help stably stop the vehicle.

*ABS is a device that assists the driver during braking. It does not eliminate the need to drive safely, for example by slowing down when approaching a corner.

Occupant-protective SRS airbag system for collision safety

To protect not only the driver but also the front-seat passenger, both the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat come standard with SRS airbags. Furthermore, available on the GLX grade are SRS curtain airbags that reduce the impact on the head and front-seat SRS side airbags that reduce the impact on the chest inside collisions.


Injury mitigation body for pedestrian safety

Pedestrian safety has also been thoroughly considered. Such features as an impact-absorbing bonnet, wiper system, and front bumper are designed to mitigate pedestrian head and leg injuries in the event of a collision.

  1. Impact-absorbing cowl top 
  2. Impact-absorbing wiper system 
  3. Impact-absorbing bonnet hinges 
  4. Impact-absorbing bonnet 
  5. Impact-absorbing bumper


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