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It is essential that your vehicle receives the right maintenance to retain the safety, dependability and performance originally built into your vehicle. When your odometer reaches the kilometers (once every 10,000Kms), or the corresponding time interval has been reached(once in every 6 months), take your vehicle, to an authorized Suzuki service center , who will provide the proper Genuine parts and service. Once maintenance has been performed, have your dealer fill out and stamp the appropriate box to serve as your maintenance record which may be needed for warranty repairs. It will also show future owners how well your vehicle has been maintained. To maintain air conditioning efficiency, have an authorized dealer check the system at least once each year. Recommended fluids and lubricants are listed in your Owner’s Manual booklet.

Vehicle Warranty

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your new vehicle. And now all Suzuki vehicles starting from April 2012 come with a warranty period of 36 months/100,000km* (whichever comes first).

Vehicle Operation and Care

Considering the investment you have made in your new vehicle, we know you will want to operate and maintain it properly. We urge you to return to your Suzuki dealer for routine maintenance, problem diagnosis and repairs. Suzuki dealers know your vehicle best and are interested in your continued satisfaction.

Maintenance records

Your Suzuki dealer will usually retain a history of your maintenance visits, but it is also recommended that receipts covering the performance of Suzuki scheduled maintenance as per the specified intervals be retained in the glove box and presented to your dealer upon request. Damage to your vehicle caused by lack of maintenance is not covered by your warranty. Therefore, valid receipts can be very important if a question arises as to whether a failure is caused by lack of proper maintenance, or a defect in materials or workmanship.

Owner satisfaction

Should you ever encounter a problem during or after the warranty period that is not resolved, please speak to a member of your dealer management. As a Suzuki owner, you can rest assured knowing that your model year 2012 vehicle purchased on or After April 2012 comes backed by a 36-month/100,000km* (whichever comes first) warranty, which covers, at no cost to you, any vehicle malfunction resulting from defects in parts, materials or manufacturing.

Menu Pricing

The auto brands under the Moosa Group offer outstanding value for money not simply at the time of purchase, but throughout its operational lives. That is because the vehicles come with competitive maintenance packages during and beyond the warranty period, thereby keeping the customer’s motoring pride and joy in fine fettle. In affirmation of the Group’s commitment to transparency in all facets of business, the annual menu pricing scheme is published below for all to see.

*Note : For all the model year sold before April 2012 and earlier Suzuki vehicles, the warranty period remains 36 months/60,000km (whichever comes first). In the event that warranty repairs are required, you can have your vehicle serviced at any authorized Suzuki dealership across the entire region. Please refer to the warranty booklet that comes with your vehicle for detailed coverage information and applicable terms & conditions, or speak to your Suzuki dealer.

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